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        THE DAHU

" Many have heard of the Dahu, few have had the chance to observe it. [...] The morphology of dahu varies from region to region. Sometimes it takes on the appearance of a rabbit with a large tufted tail, sometimes a chamois with a cow's tail. But all of them have the same astonishing peculiarity: that of having the legs shorter on one side than the other, which allows them to move on the slopes.

[...] Even if the dahu keeps its secret, when you will be in the mountains:

Open your eyes, you never know ...! "

Extract from "le dahu légende vivante des montagnes",

Patrick Leroy, Editions du mont

Note : this is our traduction.

You will be able to read the book in its entirety as well as the volume 2, in french, in the chalet!

The chalet, leaning against the slope, has adapted to its surroundings just like the Dahu.
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